Carolyn Munaco

Munaco Art

      The overwhelming desire and passion I have to translate my observations and experiences within my natural environment into art work has been with me since I was a young child. 

      I can often be found along the shores with my camera, a sketch book, gathering materials and stockpiling experiences to use in my art work. The colors, the lines, the flora, the fauna, the weather, the moon, the sun, along with the tides are all represented in my work. My pure enjoyment of the coastlines and the outdoors of Eastern Long Island continually provide me with inspiration to create and evolve as an artist.

      I enjoy a multitude of mediums. Creating to me it’s like being on auto pilot, there is little concern but to monitor, observe, and intervene only when needed. 

 To me art is about the adventurism, the exploration and the constant discovery of freedom in the process of creating art work.